Day 1: Deploying Your First Datacenter

Next Steps

Congratulations, you have just completed the Day 1: Deploying your first Datcenter learning path!

In this learning path, we covered all the topics for deploying your first datacenter. The guides in this path included production recommendations for:

  • Reference architecture
  • Deployment
  • Backups
  • Securing the datacenter
  • Monitoring the datacenter health

These guides are a good start, however, gaining expertise with Consul requires a deeper understanding of running a datacenter and hands-on experience. To gain expertise, we recommend continuing with the Day 2: Advanced Operations track and reading the documentation. The Day 2: Advanced Operations track will give you more oppurtunites to gain hands-on experience with guided exercises.

Finally, we are including a production readiness checklist in the appendix that can be used for deploying Consul. Note, this checklist is not an exhaustive list and you may need to add additional items depending on your environment.