Getting Started

Next Steps

That concludes the getting started guide for Consul. Hopefully you're able to see that while Consul is simple to use, it has a powerful set of features. We've covered the basics for all of these features in this guide.

Consul is designed to be friendly to both the DevOps community and application developers, making it perfect for modern, elastic infrastructures.

As a next step, the following resources are available:

  • Day 1: Deploying Your First Datacenter - Learn to deploy your first datacenter. If you are responsible for setting up and maintaining a healthy datacenter, this path will help you do so successfully.

  • Documentation - The documentation is an in-depth reference guide to all the features of Consul, including technical details about the internals of how Consul operates.

  • Guides - This section provides various getting started guides with Consul, including how to bootstrap a new datacenter.

  • Examples - The work-in-progress examples folder within the GitHub repository for Consul contains functional examples of various use cases of Consul to help you get started with exactly what you need.