Getting Started

Web UI

Consul comes with support for a user-friendly and functional web UI out of the box. UIs can be used for viewing all services and nodes, for viewing all health checks and their current status, and for reading and setting key/value data. The UIs automatically support multi-datacenter.

To set up the self-hosted UI, start the local Consul agent with the -ui parameter:

$ consul agent -dev -ui

The UI is available at the /ui path on the same port as the HTTP API. By default this is http://localhost:8500/ui.

Access to the UI can be secured with ACLs. Once the ACLs have been bootstrapped, you can limit read, write, and updated permissions for the various pages in the UI.

You can view a live demo of the Consul Web UI here.

» How to Use the Legacy UI

As of Consul version 1.2.0 the original Consul UI is deprecated. You can still enable it by setting the environment variable CONSUL_UI_LEGACY to true. Without this environment variable, the web UI will default to the latest version. To use the latest UI version, either set CONSUL_UI_LEGACY to false or don't include that environment variable at all.