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Consul Release Highlights

Consul 1.7 Release Highlights

The main feature for Consul 1.7 are namespaces for Enterprise users. Namespaces allow multiple teams within the same organization to share the same Consul datacenter(s) by separating services, key/value pairs, and other Consul data per team. This provides operators with the ability to more easily run Consul as a service.

Additionally, we are continuing to improve our integrations for all Consul users.

Below are resources and Learn tutorials available for Consul 1.7.

»Register and discover namespace services

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Consul's service discovery with namespaces. You will practice registering services in the Consul catalog in different namespaces and then you will use the Consul CLI, API and UI to discover all the services registered in the Consul catalog.

Get started with namespaces and service discovery

»Setup secure namespaces

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up two namespaces and then create a token for each namespace. This new functionality, creating namespace specific tokens, allows operators to delegate ACL management.

Get started with namespaces and ACLs

»Namespace documentation

To provide operational ease, we have added new API and CLI commands that allow you to manage namespaces.


»AppDynamics to monitor Consul health

HashiCorp and AppDynamics have partnered together to make it easier to monitor the health of Consul via the AppD platform. Learn more about the integration here.

»AWS PCA as CA for Consul Connect service mesh

You can now use AWS PCA as a CA for Consul Connect service mesh. Read more about the integration in the Consul docs.

»Download Consul 1.7

To get started using Consul 1.7, download the binary.