Getting Started - Azure


This guide is intended to help you quickly learn the fundamentals of Terraform and the Azure Provider. After completing the tutorial, you'll know how to author a basic Terraform configuration for Azure.

The tutorial begins with a introduction to Terraform basics. Then you'll create a configuration to provision an Azure resource group. As you progress through the guide you'll modify the starting configuration step-by-step until you have explored all of the core parts of a Terraform configuration for Azure. The sample configuration provisions a resource group, networking resources and rules, storage, and a basic Linux virtual machine. You'll also learn about modules, remote backends, outputs, and provisioners. These are the building blocks for much more complex configurations.

At the end of this guide we'll list additional resources for using Terraform with Azure.


  • An Azure account. If you don't have an Azure account, create one now. This tutorial can be completed using only the services included in an Azure free account. If you are using a paid subscription, you may be charged for the resources needed to complete the tutorial.
  • A system with Terraform installed. This guide includes instructions for installing Terraform on the platform of your choice.