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Sample Questions - Terraform Associate Certification

HashiCorp Associate Certification exams consists of multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false, and other question types. Below are some examples so you can familiarize yourself with the exam format. None of the questions on HashiCorp exams are intended to trick you. We want to test your knowledge of Terraform, not how well you spell or how good you are at identifying obscure details.

»True or False

True or false questions present you with a statement and ask you to identify whether the statement is true or false.


Usernames and passwords referenced in the Terraform code, even as variables, will end up in plain text in the state file.

✅ Correct: True
❌ Incorrect: False

»Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions ask you to identify one right answer out of many choices. If we don't list the number of correct choices, there is only one correct option.


Consider the following Terraform 0.12 configuration snippet:

variable "vpc_cidrs" {
  type = map
  default = {
    us-east-1 = ""
    us-east-2 = ""
    us-west-1 = ""
    us-west-2 = ""

resource "aws_vpc" "shared" {
  cidr_block = _____________

How would you define the cidr_block for us-east-1 in the aws_vpc resource using a variable?

✅ Correct: var.vpc_cidrs[“us-east-1”]
❌ Incorrect: var.vpc_cidrs.0
❌ Incorrect: vpc_cidrs[“us-east-1”]
❌ Incorrect: var.vpc_cidrs[0]

You have defined the values for your variables in the file terraform.tfvars, and saved it in the same directory as your Terraform configuration. Which of the following commands will use those values when creating an execution plan?

❌ Incorrect: terraform plan
❌ Incorrect: terraform plan -var-file=terraform.tfvars
✅ Correct: All of the above
❌ Incorrect: None of the above

»Multiple Answer

Multiple answer questions ask you to identify multiple correct answers from a list. We will always tell you how many correct answers you can expect to find, if there's more than one.


Which of the following Terraform commands will automatically refresh the state unless supplied with additional flags or arguments? Choose TWO correct answers.

✅ Correct: terraform plan
❌ Incorrect: terraform state
✅ Correct: terraform apply
❌ Incorrect: terraform validate
❌ Incorrect: terraform output

What happens when you apply Terraform configuration? Choose TWO correct answers.

✅ Correct: Terraform makes any infrastructure changes defined in your configuration.
❌ Incorrect: Terraform gets the plugins that the configuration requires.
✅ Correct: Terraform updates the state file with any configuration changes it made.
❌ Incorrect: Terraform corrects formatting errors in your configuration.
❌ Incorrect: Terraform destroys and recreates all your infrastructure from scratch.

»Text Match

Text match questions present you with a statement and ask you to fill in the blank by typing an answer into a text box. Because we know that you could make a typo, in addition to the technically correct answer, we'll also accept variations of the answer that still demonstrate your understanding of the material. Text match is not case sensitive.


Which flag is used to find more information about a Terraform command? For example, you need additional information about how to use the plan command. You would type: terraform plan _____. Type your answer in the field provided. The text field is not case-sensitive and all variations of the correct answer are accepted.

✅ -h
✅ -help
✅ --help

Answers that would also receive full credit:

  • --h
  • terraform plan -h
  • terraform plan --h
  • terraform plan -help
  • terraform plan --help
  • terraform -h plan
  • terraform -help plan
  • terraform --help plan
  • plan -h
  • plan --h
  • plan -help
  • plan --help
  • -h plan
  • -help plan
  • --help plan

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