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Getting Started - Terraform Cloud

Create a Workspace

Terraform Cloud organizes your Terraform configurations into workspaces. In this guide we'll configure your first workspace:

  1. Fork a Github repository
  2. Connect to GitHub
  3. Choose a repository
  4. Create the workspace

Fork a Github repository

In this track, we'll use GitHub as the Version Control System (VCS) for our workspace. In order to follow along, you'll need a GitHub Account.

Once you have a GitHub account, visit the example repository and use the "Fork" button at the top right of the page to create a fork of the repository into your account.

Connect to GitHub

If you've just signed up with Terraform Cloud and created a new organization, the first page you'll see is the "New Workspace" page. You can also create a new Workspace by choosing "Workspaces" from the main menu, and then the "New Workspace" button.

New Workspace

On the "New Workspace page", select "GitHub -> GitHub.com" to continue. A new window should open asking you to authorize Terraform Cloud to your GitHub account. If you have not logged into GitHub recently, you may need to log in first.

GitHub Authorization

Click the green "Authorize" button to connect Terraform Cloud to your GitHub account.

Choose a repository

Next, you will see a list of your GitHub repositories. Choose the repository you forked in the first step. If you have a lot of GitHub repositories, you may need to filter the list to find the correct one.

Choose Repository

Create the workspace

On the final step, leave the workspace name and "Advanced options" unchanged, and click the purple "Create workspace" button to create the workspace.

It will take a few minutes for Terraform Cloud to connect to your GitHub repository. Once that's complete, you should see a notification that your configuration was uploaded successfully:

Configuration Successful

In the next guide, you will set up your new workspace and run your first apply.