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Get Started - Google Cloud


This guide will help you quickly learn the fundamentals of Terraform and using it to provision infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

As you follow this guide, you'll use Terraform to provision, update, and destroy a simple set of infrastructure using the sample configuration provided.

The sample configuration provisions a resource group, networking resources and rules, storage, and a basic Linux virtual machine. You'll also learn about remote backends, outputs, and provisioners. These are the building blocks for more complex configurations.


  • A Google Cloud Platform account. If you don't have a GCP account, create one now. This tutorial can be completed using only the services included in the GCP free tier. However, if you provision infrastructure beyond the free tier, you may be charged.

  • A system with Terraform installed. This guide includes instructions for installing Terraform on the platform of your choice.

»Google Cloud Shell

This guide is also available as an interactive tutorial within Google Cloud Shell. If you prefer, you can follow that version instead, the material covered is the same.

Follow this guide in Google Cloud Shell