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Getting Started

Install Vagrant

Vagrant is distributed as a binary package for all supported platforms and architectures. You can also compile Vagrant from source, which is covered in the README.

»Install Vagrant

To install Vagrant, first find the appropriate package for your system and download it. Vagrant is packaged as an operating-specific package. Run the installer for your system. The installer will automatically add vagrant to your system path so that it is available in terminals.

»Verify the Installation

After installing Vagrant, verify the installation worked by opening a new command prompt or console, and checking that vagrant is available.

$ vagrant
Usage: vagrant [options] <command> [<args>]

    -v, --version                    Print the version and exit.
    -h, --help                       Print this help.

# ...


Some operating system distributions include a vagrant package in their upstream package repos. Please do not install Vagrant in this manner. Typically these packages are missing dependencies or include very outdated versions of Vagrant. If you install via your system's package manager, it is very likely that you will experience issues. Please use the official installers on the downloads page.

You have successfully downloaded and installed Vagrant! Continue to the next tutorial to set up your first Vagrant project.